Office of Inclusive Design

Printing in Braille through UW

Important Note:

Students requiring braille should make requests for braille and tactile graphics via their DRS service. Other UW units needing braille services should follow the guide below.

ATC Braille Services:

ATC braille embossing services can convert any Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or HTML (.html/.htm) document into single or double-sided braille hard copy. Tactile graphics and braille for multiple languages can also be made through ATC. Software for converting physical books and documents into electronic format is available through ATC.

Any UW academic/administrative information intended for use by UW students/faculty/staff/visitors can be requested for embossing. Most University-related braille jobs are free. In cases of unusually large requests, departments may be asked to replace the embossing paper used, at about $60/1000 sheets.

How to Submit an Online Braille Request:

  • Save the file as a Microsoft Word Document or properly tagged HTML file.
    • Ensure the file name is unique and descriptive to prevent confusion and misprocessing.
    • For textbooks, include title, author name, course number, chapter number, and the page number. For example, “SPAN105-JohnDoe-GramBasics-ch1-pg5-
  • Visit the ATC Braile Embossing Servies Website.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the “Braile Request Form”.
    • Allow at least two full business days to complete braille requests. Long or complex documents may take additional time to complete. Finished braille jobs delivered by campus mail will take an additional 1-2 days to arrive.
    • For the fastest results, pick up finished braille jobs in person at the ATC located in Mary Gates Hall, Room 064.