Office of Inclusive Design

Childcare Resources for Student-Parents

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

  • If you need help paying for childcare, you may be eligible for the CCAP. CCAP helps families living within Seattle city limits who have a parent/guardian working or attending school to pay for childcare for children 1 month to 12 years of age.
  • Families usually receive between 25% to 70% of the average childcare provider’s rate. The subsidy amount is calculated based on family size, income, hours of care needed, and age of the child.
  • CCAP does not cover registration fees, waitlist deposits, or any other additional fees.
  • CCAP website 
    • Includes full list of approved CCAP providers.

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

  • Free part-day and full-day childcare for families of children 3 to 4 years old
  • Families must live or work in Seattle city limits
  • Eligibility depends on family size, income, and hours of care needed.
  • Bilingual programs and teaching staff
    Foster children are eligible
  • ECEAP offers part-day, school-day, and working day programs across 16 locations in Seattle.

ECEAP website