Office of Inclusive Design

Inclusive Marketing Strategies for Events

Making Instagram Posts Accessible 

Please make sure to add alt-text and image descriptions in your captions  

To access alt-text when posting go to accessibility>alt-text then write out a description of the content in the post. To be safe, also add this description to the bottom of your caption!  

If posting stories, videos, livestreams, etc. Please be sure to turn automatic captioning on for Deaf/hard of hearing viewers.  

Use high contrast colors and large text in your photos/graphics so individuals with vision impairment can access your content.  

Making Facebook Posts Accessible  

Like with Instagram, Facebook posts should include alt-text and image descriptions. Facebook automatically generates alt-text for images, but you should check to make sure the descriptions are accurate. To do so, click on your post and hold, then click “Edit Alt-Text.” Please also make sure to copy this alt-text to your caption as an image description.  

Making Posters Accessible  

Make sure all your physical marketing content like posters are available in large-text and braille formats  

Be sure to use high-contrast text and photos like with Instagram content.  

Making PowerPoints Accessible  

If using a PowerPoint presentation, please turn on automatic captioning.  

Audibly describe any images on the screen and read the text from the screen.  

As with posters and social media posts, ensure your PowerPoint uses large text and high contrast colors for images/text.  

 If you need any additional support or resources, please contact the Office of Inclusive Design (