Office of Inclusive Design

Making an Event ‘Child-Friendly’

How to make an Event “Child Friendly” 

The availability of student parents will be dependent on the caring of their child/children and the duties of parenthood. There may be occasions where student parents may be unable to find adequate childcare despite wanting to attend an event in person. To be more inclusive of student parents, consider making events “child friendly”. When considering marketing an event as child friendly, keep in mind the content of the event as all student-led events may not be appropriate for children or teens. Additional resources on conflicting access needs are available. 

A “child-friendly” event may include: 

  • If possible, provide a designated space for children. Designated spaces for children may look like tables and chairs for children in the back of the room for child-friendly activities. 
  • Child-friendly activities may include books, coloring books, sensory playsets, interactive educational apps or videos, or visual programs.
  • Provide activities for older children such as board games and card games.  
  • Plan child activities that require little adult supervision or help with minimal clean-up.
  • Provide kid-friendly snacks such as fruit snacks, fruit, granola bars, etc. (be aware of common food allergens) and inform parents prior to giving children snacks.